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GULF OIL & GAS EXPLORATION COMPANY (GULFOGEC) is a subsidiary of Gulf Oil Group and is therefore governed by the Group Board of Directors. The Board is primarily responsible for setting the overall strategy for both all GULFOGEC activities, and for the general management and oversight strategic, financial and operational risks. The Board has set up and Executive Committee (Excom) to oversee the implementation of policies at GULFOGEC. The ExCom is responsible for strategic oversight, decision making, reviewing the strategic plan and mission, developing guidelines for the management of capital, and setting company policy and is made up of seasoned professionals who have a wealth of regional and international experience.

Currently, GULFOGEC is carrying out several major projects that aim to expand its refining capacity and enhance conversion capabilities, most importantly is the Clean Fuel Project (CFP). After the completion of the CFP in early 2019, GULFOGEC refining capacity will be 800,000 bpd. With the high-quality low-sulfur (Euro-4 & Euro-5 grades) products, , GULFOGEC seeks to penetrate new markets. Gas Train-5 is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, whereby , GULFOGEC gas processing capacity will then reach 3.25 billion scfpd. In the meantime, the Company directed attention to its human resources by implementing a policy of steady growth of its national manpower and providing its sites with highly qualified and skilled human resources.


Our track record as an international operator spans many countries, with current operators in Iraq and United Arab Emirates (UAE), and significant interests in Egypt, Turkmenistan and many other countries. Our Journey as a company is inextricably linked to our offshore discoveries in the Mubarek Field in 1972, a landmark project that catapulted both GULFOGEC onto the International Oil and gas scene.

While Abu Dhabi and Dubai discovered Oil in 1958 and 1966 respectively, Sharjahs production commenced in 1974 following our discoveries. Since then, we have witnessed the tremendous growth of this Emirate, and are proud to have played a meaningful role in its development. Setting the world record at that time, Gulf Oil had the Mubarek Field in full production within 13 months of its discovery, at a rate of over 60, 000 barrels per day.

Mr. Hashim Latif Al-Sadah

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In a distinctive environmental challenge, the team of oil pits remediation project, which was formed from GULFOGEC & Saudi Arabia Chevron (SAC), succeeded in treating more than 60 oil pits in WJO area, in line with the two companies’ strategy and environmental plan, and their compliance with the regulations and requirements of Emirates Environment Public Authority (EEPA). An ambitious environmental strategy based on scientific studies certified by EEPA was implemented. In this regard, the project team conducted a comprehensive study included a detailed evaluation for the environmental situation in the oil pits area. In addition to a field survey for the project’s site, while soil and groundwater samples were collected, and air pollutants were monitored.Read More..

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