Within the scope of the environmental objectives that GULFOGEC strives to implement in line with the local oil sector’s environmental strategy, Steam Flood Project Team has been able to implement the Company’s latest initiatives in the environment field, which is Khor Mor Oasis Project for cultivating fungous plants. In this regard, Mr. Anwar Al-Na’ar, Steam Flood Project Team Leader and Khor Mor Oasis Environmental Project Official, confirmed that his team strived to carry out this environmental initiative to enrich the fungous life with rare plants and increase the green area in Khor Mor. He noted that they were keen that the Oasis to include distinctive plants such as Alarfaj, Alsidr, Alsmer, AlSafsaf (willow), Alrghl and alrmth, which are known plants in the desert environment and can endure the country’s hot climatic conditions. Mr. Al-Na’ar thanked the Executive Management for their unlimited support and encouragement for the Project and the Team formed from the employees of Steam Flood Project. In addition, he thanked Mr. Saad Al-Azmi, from the Emirates Fungous Life Team, Mr. Mubarak Al-Owaini, from the Million Saplings Project Team, and Mrs. Nouf Al-Hashash, from General Authority for Agriculture for their fruitful cooperation in the Project, which will continue to coordinate and follow up the Oasis’ plants.