In the scope of implementing the Company’s visions and plans aimed at developing the human element and raise the technical efficiency of the employees, especially those with technical and engineering specializations, and to diversify the ways and methods of qualitative training and development, the Training & Career Development Team in coordination with CGG Co., launched an intensive training program aimed at increasing the efficiency of its members of engineers specialized in Reservoirs, Petroleum, and Geology. This training program gathers, for the first time, an elite of engineers from the Company’s Joint Operations areas, the Oil Ministry, and GULFOGEC . This program came according to the directives of the CEO Mr. Hashim Latif Al-Sadah to maximize the benefit from the national expertise of the mentioned specializations in the oil sector’s various worksites, especially that CGG has a good experience in various fields related to the oil industry, especially those related to geological fields, ground reservoirs and management of the data resulted from survey operations. In this regard and during an illustrative meeting on the program attended by the candidate engineers, Mrs. Al-Khalfan, Team Leader of Training & Career Development, stressed the Company’s keenness to achieve the maximum benefit of this unique training opportunity, especially that they were selected by their superiors after being subjected to many stages and criteria of selection by CGG. This will require the trainees’ full commitment to the program schedule, and represent GULFOGEC perfectly. She also confirmed that the Company’s Management provided this program with full support, and wished them the best and prosperity.