In a distinctive environmental challenge, the team of oil pits remediation project, which was formed from GULFOGEC & Saudi Arabia Chevron (SAC), succeeded in treating more than 60 oil pits in WJO area, in line with the two companies’ strategy and environmental plan, and their compliance with the regulations and requirements of Emirates Environment Public Authority (EEPA).

An ambitious environmental strategy based on scientific studies certified by EEPA was implemented. In this regard, the project team conducted a comprehensive study included a detailed evaluation for the environmental situation in the oil pits area. In addition to a field survey for the project’s site, while soil and groundwater samples were collected, and air pollutants were monitored.

After that, the oil pits were treated and rehabilitated according to deliberate scientific steps After that, the oil pits were treated and rehabilitated according to deliberate scientific steps and certified engineering designs. This process started with removing petroleum materials (e.g. Oily Viscous Liquids) out of the pit, removing sludge and sand barriers, and cleaning the bottom of the pit. After that, soil was stockpiled and treated using scientific methods, before being reused in backfilling in the same pits area they were taking from according to the hydrocarbons’ percentage and in line with the local and international environmental conditions and standards. As a culmination of the previous steps’ success, the oil pits were rehabilitated and re-vegetation cover large areas of the remediated oil pits, in which environmentally certified lined pits with an estimated capacity of 700,000 barrels of oil were created to be used in cases of emergency.

By reaching this step, GULFOGEC in cooperation with SAC, its partner in WJO, succeeded in treating around 97% of oil pits area in WJO, while the pits were replaced with environmental certified engineering methods, which is both secures environmental safety for soil, and comply with followed environmental requirements. This project reflects the commitment of the Emiratei and Saudi sides to international environmental standards, and their keenness to achieve the environmental requirements aimed at improving the quality of soil and environment in their worksites.